Welcome to Anambra State Ministry of Health

“Our goal is to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare for all residents of Anambra. Furthermore, with advances in technology, opportunities for global net works/collaboration and the huge stock of Anambra Diaspora in frontier medical practice, Anambra has the potential to build international centers of excellence in healthcare.”

The initiatives include:

  • Conduct a gap analysis to ascertain the level of intervention required to meet minimum global standards across all health care facilities in the state;
  • Upgrade Infrastructure, equipment and hire requisite qualified personnel to achieve optimal service delivery in Anambra Primary Healthcare System;
  • Implement the minimum service Packages and Standards for Primary Health Centers. (PHCs) operating in the State;
  • Establish a referral system that originates from the PHC to the secondary and then to tertiary levels of care across the state;
  • Incorporate community structures and members into the governance, ownership, and management of primary health care facilities;
  • Expand all Primary Health facilities to have resident medical officers providing primary services; and
  • Leverage modern, trustless, secure, and transparent technology (blockchain) to maintain health data.
  • We will develop a strategic policy framework and implementation plan for health which provides effective oversight, coalition building, appropriate legislation, regulations, incentives, and accountability.
  • We will Set up healthcare policy framework as state-wide guidance, adjusted in line with peculiarities of each level of healthcare facility; and Strengthen coordination and regulatory functions of the Ministry of Health and all relevant departments in the Ministry saddled with regulatory functions (Medical, Pharmaceutical, Nursing, and Medical Support Services Departments).
  • We will review incentives and motivate healthcare professionals across the state to attract and retain top talent;
  • Recruit and equitably distribute competent, localized health professionals &. other non­ health actors across State’s health facilities;
  • Commence the Community Nursing and Midwifery Programme, an initiative to improve the availability of needed skilled human resources (HR) at PHC level in rural and hard-to-reach communities, which also involves training and retention of trainees in their communities as government workers; and
  • Substantially improve healthcare practitioner to population ratio by creating a framework to attract Diaspora healthcare practitioners to return and make Anambra their base.
  • Improve Infrastructure and Access to Quality Healthcare:
  • Equip all healthcare institutions with effective user-friendly software for electronic data collection and e-medicine;
  • Urgently raise the quality of all general hospitals in the state to world-class standards through investments in infrastructure, diagnostic equipment, continuous professional development, and public-private partnerships;
  • Establish a digitized and effective world-class Drug Revolving Fund (DRF) Scheme;
  • Build the capacity of health workers on DRF and Logistics Management Information System (LMIS);
  • Expand programmes for vulnerable groups like the elderly and people living with disabili­ties.
  • In addition, we will reinforce and support the Anambra Health Insurance Scheme to ensure wider enrollment so that no resident of Anambra dies on account of an inability to afford medical services.
  • Other general interventions
    Educate, and initiate lifestyle change campaigns to address the epidemic of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart related illnesses;
  • Explore mobile clinics in major markets as the first point of medical contact;
    Explore telemedicine to improve healthcare access (Uber, Taxify, etc, for healthcare);
  • Upgrade infrastructure and personnel at teaching hospitals, and primary health centers and actively seek collaboration with international health institutions;
  • Leverage technology to manage public healthcare records;
  • Digitize and unify medical data for all Anambra State people.